Things to Consider When Choosing a Pet-Friendly Apartment

Pet Friendly Apartment

We often get asked about pets at The High Grove — as a pet-friendly apartment community, we talk to many potential residents planning to move with their animals. There are many considerations to take into account when choosing an apartment for you and your pet, so we decided to break some of them down here and explain how we manage each of these issues at The High Grove.


Rules and Regulations

Most pet-friendly apartments will have a list of rules and regulations that pet owners must follow. These include limits on number of pets, strict leash policies, registration requirements, and more. Make sure that the property you’re interested in is able to provide a list of rules and regulations so that you can compare during your apartment search.

At The High Grove: We require residents to sign a Pet Addendum detailing information about their situation and all rules and regulations that must be followed.



If you have a pet, you should budget for a pet fee. Depending on the apartment, none, some, or all of your pet fee can be refundable. This fee helps cover insurance costs at the property and provides for coverage in case the pet causes damage.

At The High Grove: We require residents to provide a non-refundable pet fee and a refundable deposit (as long as there is no damage).


Animal Type, Age, Breed, and Size

Properties often restrict certain animal types, ages, breeds, or sizes, generally due to insurance regulations. Before you have your heart set on a specific apartment, make sure you are clear on any restrictions at the property.

At The High Grove: While we do not have any size, weight, or age restrictions, we do have dog breed restrictions and do not allow reptiles.


Animal Personality

This is a crucial consideration if you’re moving into an apartment community with other people and pets. Can your pet handle the sights, smells, and attention? Is your pet aggressive with people or animals? Is your pet noisy or destructive? Does your pet have a ton of energy and need plenty of space? Ask yourself these questions before committing to a community.

At The High Grove: We simply ask that pets not be aggressive. Of course, it is always ideal to have a well-trained, well-socialized pet!



Many apartment communities take the issue of pet cleanup very seriously and will fine residents in violation of the rules. Make sure you understand what is expected of you as far as cleanup is concerned.

At The High Grove: Understandably, no employee or resident wants to be cleaning up after someone else’s pet! Our residents are responsible for the proper disposal of their pet’s waste.


We love our resident’s pets at The High Grove — they never fail to brighten our day! If you’re interested in renting and have additional questions about our pet policies, feel free to give us a call.