Resident Appreciation: Crawfish Boil at The High Grove!

Resident Appreciation Crawfish Boil
Our residents enjoy delicious crawfish courtesy of Don's Seafood.

It’s no secret that we’re big on resident appreciation at The High Grove, so when we have the opportunity to throw a party for our residents, we take it! Spring is crawfish season in Louisiana, and one of the best things about crawfish boils (besides the food) is the opportunity for togetherness. That’s why we decided to host an afternoon boil by the pool on Saturday, April 26th — we were thrilled that about 100 residents and their friends and family stopped by to enjoy time together on a sunny Baton Rouge day.

A few highlights that made the party such a success:

  • MyDomain vendor Don’s Seafood provided deliciously spicy crawfish with corn and potatoes, tasty spinach dip, and chicken tenders for the kids. They also brought along the trays, fun color-changing cups, keg, and alligator toys for the kids to play with. A big thank you to Don’s Seafood!
  • Coca-Cola donated all of the Coke products that were enjoyed.
  • Residents stayed by the pool after the party to get to better know their neighbors, grill some more food, and swim in the pool.

The success of our crawfish boil really drove home the importance of throwing events that are truly designed to foster connections, both for the residents and for The High Grove staff. Plus, it was a valuable opportunity to show our dedication to resident appreciation!

Thank you to our staff, residents and their friends and family members, and our vendors! You can check out a full collection of photos from the boil on our Facebook page.

The High Grove team in action! We hope everyone had as great of a time as we did.

The High Grove team in action! We hope everyone had as great of a time as we did.